Re: FW: Why is half the list not getting mail?

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From: Kragen Sitaker (
Date: Sun Feb 13 2000 - 16:44:24 PST

Rohit wrote:
> (and no, Dan, you can spare me the plea for majordomo :-)
> [unless anyone wants an account to go configure it for 1994-era
> Nextstep 3.3...]

Is that a genuine offer? I'd be happy to install some mailing-list
manager --- Mailman would be my preference --- and I'm sure I could
make it work. In college, I regularly ported code between IRIX,
Ultrix, and AIX; NeXTStep can't be much harder.

Dan Kohn wrote:
> Rohit, I suspect that Kragen would be generously willing to host a
> majordomo-based FoRK list with you as the admin. You could just have your
> address forward to one he sets up.
> How about it?

I'd be happy to host FoRK as an ezmlm list; I don't trust majordomo
enough to run it on my personal machine.

Before accepting this offer, though, remember that my machine had about
90% uptime through 1999, with one period (when I needed to buy new
hardware but was too broke) when it was essentially down for almost a
month; and I've experienced at least three unexplained outages since
then. (Two of them were before my motherboard died, though.)

The biggest problems so far have been flaky bargain-basement hardware
and a flaky bargain-basement modem connection.

If hosting it on your own machine is too much hassle, and running it on
my machine is too unreliable, I'd be happy to buy a
non-bargain-basement machine to plug in at UCI, which I could
administer from afar.

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