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From: Dave Long (dl@silcom.com)
Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 20:15:36 PST

Several years ago, I ran across a series of pamphlets which
purported to start with casting hand tools using charcoal, sand, and
a bucket, and to end with producing an industrial lathe, using the
outputs of each step as the inputs of the next. Have any of you run
across this series, or know of likely fruitful avenues of inquiry?


Never mind, "+charcoal +lathe" comes to the rescue;
"Build Your Own Metalworking Shop from Scrap" -- I recalled
poorly, and the lathe is merely the second step after the charcoal
foundry. A shaper, milling machine, drill press, and metal brake
complete the series.


From Woodbury's _History of the Lathe to 1850_ (and from 800-1200 BC),
a comment which puts dusty decks in perspective:
> The feed drive gear with its change gears on Roberts' lathe forms a
> most ingenious mechanism. His use of a plate with circles of studs
> on its face to take the place of the more convential change gears
> would provoke a smile were it not for the fact that we know this
> lathe to have been in constant use from its construction in 1817
> until 1909, when it was presented to the Science Museum. However,
> this form of change gear remains a curiosity not adopted generally
> by any means.

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