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From: Jim Whitehead (ejw@ics.uci.edu)
Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 17:00:35 PST

Here's something different from the typical KUCI-spam: KUCI Alternative
Country Top Ten. I went to CD Now today and listened to a few of them ...
what I listened to was pretty good. I liked the Trailer Park Casanovas
especially, and Three Bad Jacks were good too.

- Jim

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Subject: KUCI Alt Country Top Ten

KUCI 88.9 fm
Alt. Country Top Ten for week ending 1/30/00

1. Velvetone Vari-o-sonic (One Million $ Records)
2. Trailer Park Casanovas End of an Era (Rock Therapy)
3. Schwump Kick in the Butt (Pickle-Parade
4. Brian Cohen Gone Awry (Weekend Furlough Records)
5. Three Bad Jacks Made of Stone (Boston Krown)
6. Rip Carson Rip Carson and the Twilight Trio
(Rollin' Rock)
7. Big D Jamboree: Live at the Big D (Dragonstreet)
8. Di Maggio Brothers Rockabilly from the Boots up
(RAB/Hall of Fame)
9. Kirk Rundstrom Wicked Savior (self-released)
10. Rebekah Florence Welcome to my Country (Groove
House Records)

Leon Rausch - Deep in the Heart of Texas
Ron Gaddis - Chip off the old Block
Jeff Bright - She's a Nail in my hearts
Dry Branch Fire Squad - Rounder

Sundays 8 - 10 pm on KUCI
KUCI 88.9 fm
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Requests: (949) 824-5824
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