RE: [Kudlow] In Praise of Economic Freedom.

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From: Jim Whitehead (
Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 12:37:45 PST

Dan Kohn, on January 18, 2000, wrote:
> Here's what I want to do with my life, after I retire from telecoms in a
> couple years (seriously):
> 1) Understand why there are poor people (in an absolute, not
> relative sense,
> i.e. under some poverty level) and whether it will always be that way.
> 2) Understand why rich people (again, in an absolute sense) are
> not happier.

The following story, "Report: Rich Consistently Outearning Poor",
<>, may shed some
light on this topic for you. In particular, the report states, "of the
3,589 used 1974 AMC Gremlins sold during that same period, 3,589 were
purchased by the poor," and this may have some bearing on the relative
levels of happiness of rich and poor....

- Jim

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