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From: v - Mark Kuharich (
Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 14:19:41 PST

Rohit Khare wrote:
"Alliance InfoGraphics is the definitive source of information on Microsoft
and Intel investments and alliances. Our service provides you with an
innovative environment in which to visualize the moves of Microsoft and
Intel, allowing you to respond faster and more decisively to market
opportunities. Use this site to explore Intel and Microsoft investments and
alliances, register for the Alliance InfoGraphics trial, and subscribe to
the Alliance InfoGraphics information service"

[From Dave Farber's IP list:
"I think IPers would find the Internet industry network visualization
referenced below quite interesting. It's a great example of how social
network analysis can help us make sense of the Internet industry.

The current issue of the "Industry Standard - the magazine of the internet
economy" [Jan 24, 2000] has an interesting article on the key players in the
internet industry -- "The Web's Gatekeepers". In the print version [page
204] they show the partial ego-networks of the 4 'gatekeetpers': AOL-TW,
AT&T, Microsoft, Yahoo. The ego-networks reveal some of the strategic
alliances these 4 companies have formed.

I combined the 4 ego nets and added other recent alliance data to create an
internet industry network of some 50+ players. The network is displayed in
an interactive Java applet. The URL is A link to the on-line version of the
Industry Standard article [no ego-net visuals] is also on that page.

Mark Kuharich

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