Re: random thoughts on income gaps and the mobility of capital

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Date: Sat Jan 29 2000 - 16:19:42 PST

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>Fine in theory, but look at what happens in practice.

In Davos as I read this, admittedly not the most clear sighted vaage point
from which to see the world--but you see it lcearly from e perspective--and
in fct I am hearing little more han stuff about India, about Indians working
for Chrysler in Detroiit, yes, but also people saying more and more "forget
about Detroit or Silicon Valley, or whatever--there have been 50 kewl
startups in India in the last six months, capital flowing in, and if only the
Indian government would relax rules that say all Indian companeis must be at
least 72% owned domestically, we'd be moving half our activity there..." Not


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