Chattin' with Dan ("K for Kampala") Kohn

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From: Jim Whitehead (
Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 12:05:55 PST

Just got finished chatting with Dan Kohn, who is currently in Kampala,
Uganda, on vacation.

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JimDav500: Whoa, Kampala, that's very cool!
DanMKohn: Yep, pretty long way from anywhere.
JimDav500: Any statues of Idi Amin laying about?
JimDav500: :-)
DanMKohn: It took me two red eyes to get here from NYC, and
tomorrow we drive across the country to see the mountain gorillas at
the Bwindi Impenetable Forest.
JimDav500: Is this work, or vacation? How are you connected,
DanMKohn: I was able to use a friend's local ISP account here and
then create a secure tunnel back to Teledesic.
JimDav500: It must be neat to actually see Africa up close like that.
DanMKohn: It's vacation.
JimDav500: Ah
JimDav500: Pretty cool vacation.
DanMKohn: But, if you've seen my web page, you know that I'm
planning on moving here in a couple years so I thought I should
probably take a look at the place first.
JimDav500: What are the local conditions like. Is the city fairly
modern, or fairly poverty-stricken? Is it ringed with shanty towns?
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gbolcer: way cool!
JimDav500: Hi Greg
DanMKohn: Pretty modern, not real urban., laid back, a lot of black
people ;-)
gbolcer: I've been busy out of my mind this mnonring.
gbolcer: What are you doing? Looking for a summer house??
DanMKohn: We're also 11 hours ahead of LA.
DanMKohn: No, I'm planning on moving here full time in a couple
years so I may do some more serious real estate shopping.
JimDav500: Is this part of your plan to combat 3rd world poverty?
DanMKohn: Although I guess a summer house could be a good
start, given how much time I've been spending in London.
gbolcer: Yes, I saw that off your page and was very
DanMKohn: Not to combat exactly (I'm not quite that
presumptuous), but to understand why it isn't working better. And to
see if information technology might have a positive role to play.
gbolcer: He'll be like Rhodesia
gbolcer: Kohnesia
gbolcer: Deepest Darkest Africa
JimDav500: Ah, just went to your home page.
DanMKohn: I've got to go to bed, but would it be possible for Jim
to FoRK this?
gbolcer: Jim...?
gbolcer: Enjoy yourself; post some pictures if you can...
DanMKohn: OK, later.
gbolcer: cya
JimDav500: Sure, it looks like I'll be able to save off to disk
JimDav500: No problemo
DanMKohn: I think you can just copy and paste from the chat
window to an email.
DanMKohn: Later.
JimDav500: Why Uganda, and not some other country.
JimDav500: Ah, have to pick your brain later.
JimDav500: Have a good sleep!
DanMKohn: With Senegal and Ghana, I think it is one of the most
promising countries in sub-Saharan Africa, and I really like that
English is their national language. But I'll tell you more about it in
person one of these days.
gbolcer: English: the international language of business.
JimDav500: OK, sounds good.
JimDav500: Ah, but French is the language of French ex-colonial
DanMKohn has left the room.
gbolcer: an SE Asia

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