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From: Rohit Khare (
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 15:59:25 PST

At 2:47 PM -0800 1/26/00, Jim Whitehead wrote:
>Stumbled across the site, today, a site that offers
>free online topographic maps. For example, follow this link to get a map of
>FoRK central, U.C. Irvine:

More to the point, this is the FIRST PNG-only service I've ever seen,
and more power to them!

[Which means I didn't see a damn thing when I aimed Mac IE4.5 at the
site. I was in fact rather shocked PNG is a Mac IE5-only feature,
coming several months from now... sigh. Obsolete power corrupts
obsoletely, as Nelson says]

>Browser Upgrade Check
>The TopoZone's high-resolution topographic maps are delivered using
>the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) technology. Older versions of
>Web browsers do not support this graphics format. Your browser
>appears to need an upgrade.

>Microsoft Internet Explorer
>PNG images are supported on Internet Explorer 4.01 and above for all
>versions of Windows. They are not supported in ANY version of IE for
>Macintosh. We recommend PC users upgrade to a current version of IE.
>We recommend Macintosh users visit the TopoZone with Netscape

>Netscape Navigator
>PNG images are supported in Netscape Navigator 4.08 and above on
>Windows, Macintosh, and all other Netscape Navigator supported

>We're showing you this message because your browser appears to fall
>into one of these categories. While many of the features of the
>TopoZone will work well with these browsers, the maps themselves
>probably won't work.
>We recommend that you upgrade your browser to a current version. You
>may do so by clicking on either the Microsoft or Netscape icons
>below, or by contacting your browser vendor.
>It is possible that our version check has made a mistake. Or you may
>wish to explore the TopoZone anyway. We have tried to store a cookie
>on your system that tells the TopoZone to stop checking your
>browser, so you should not see the warning message again unless you
>are not accepting cookies or rejected the TopoZoneTest cookie.

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