Re: Happy Bobby Burns Day!

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From: Janie Wilkins (
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 07:58:14 PST wrote:

> The lassie and myself'll be celebrating this evening by pouring Glenmorangie 18
> over American Haggis

Argh! Ye hae just made me feel very homesick indeed! Robbie Burns Day used to be a
major holiday for me for many years and I have not found a way to celebrate it
since my move to the USA -- somehow eating haggis on your own just doesn't cut it.
In my younger days I was a highland dancer with a pipe band and I can still carry
off a highland fling or sword dance when the mood strikes (not too long ago I
taught 75 8th graders (boys and girls) how to do the fling -- now that was a

Perhaps we can organize a Robbie Burns FoRKCon some year. I have a special pot for
making homemade haggis and everything! I just need to find a reliable supplier of
sheep's stomachs here in the US and we are all set... I also make a mean dish of
neeps and tatties to accompany the haggis. Oh, and the highland dance lessons that
night will be free -- after sufficient quanties of scotch have been quaffed, of


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