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From: Kragen Sitaker (
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 11:35:23 PST

The pseudo-doofus writes:
> Fine as far as it goes. Your links page is missing one of the best, though.
> Start with this url, and work your way through:

See also

This was on Slashdot a year or two ago; perhaps 1999-02-18, which was
the first time I visited it.

>From the In Case You Are Smarter Than I Am And Yet Don't Have Enough
Ideas Of Your Own To Fill Your Time department:

There's a web application I'd really like to have which is, in a way, a
mediator. It would save each page as you accessed it; whenever you
were accessing a page you had previously accessed, a linkbar across the
top would provide access to older versions of that page. It would also
track your paths with Referer:, providing you access to information
like 'what page do I usually come here from' and 'how many pages link

It'd be nice to view a version with highlighted differences from the
previous version, too.

Obviously for privacy reasons, I would want this to run on my own machine.

Ping, is the source for CritLink available?

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