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From: Keith Dawson (dawson@world.std.com)
Date: Sun Jan 23 2000 - 08:42:29 PST

Is ITON (XML/Java platform for b2b ops mgmt.) anything significant or
interesting? It certainly sounds like a well-thought-out and complete
offering. The sender is a PR person whose judgement I respect.

BTW the site is totally scrambled when I view it in Netscape on a
Macintosh. Looks great in IE.
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> From: Kirsten Armstrong <karmstrong@uswebcks.com>
> To: "'dawson@world.std.com'" <dawson@world.std.com>
> Subject: B2B e-commerce news - Electron Economy
> Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 08:32:06 -0800
> hi Keith!
> It's been a while since we've been in touch, I'm now working at USWeb/CKS in their PR practice. I'm representing a client called Electron Economy, a new managed e-business services provider focused on e-commerce operations management - the logistics that underlie every e-commerce transaction as goods and information move from the buy button to the doorbell. The company made several B2B e-commerce announcements earlier this week (full text is available at http://www.electroneconomy.com, click the link at the top to get to the press releases).
> * Electron Economy Launches Internet Transaction Operations Network (ITON)
> * Innovative Online Retailers Choose Electron Economy for E-Commerce Operations Management
> * Internet Supply Chain Providers Support Electron Economy ITON
> * Leading Technology Companies Support Electron Economy ITON
> * Leading Internet Developers Support Electron Economy ITON
> The big news is that Electron Economy is launching ITON - an open, extensible platform based on XML and Java for e-commerce operations management that will enable frictionless commerce for traditional and e-businesses. ITON integrates and significantly automates online commerce operations management and enables complete communication among clients' various supply chain and enterprise business systems. The news is significant becuase it provides a common messaging architecture for e-commerce operations management for the first time, and will bring best-of-breed technology and partnership choices to enterprises of all sizes, while enabling them to grow for the future. ITON was announced with widespread industry support from operations, technology and development partners - as well as Electron Economy's first clients. Electron Economy is the first company to be launched by Intend Change, the new venture construction firm headed by USWeb/CKS co-founders Toby Corey and Joe Firmage.
> I think this is one of the first large-scale implementations of XML, and later in the first half of this year, Electron Economy will launch the ITON Developer Program with published application interfaces, consulting and certification. Corporate and individual developers can leverage simple, open interfaces to the network by attaching standard XML ITON Adapters to their e-commerce offerings. Hopefully as the network gains momentum in the developer community, it might be a good fit for TBTF. (I saw that you're also writing for the Standard these days, we worked with Greg Dalton on the news side but I don't think he'll cover this from a technology angle). Let me know if you'd be interested in hearing more, otherwise I'll keep you posted as things develop. Thanks and hope all is well,
> - Kirsten
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