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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 07:40:28 PST

> Every so often, the most recent company to loudly proclaim its road-to-Damascus
> conversion to all things Internet wheels out its CEO or similar member of the Executive
> committee who declares that "the Internet will profoundly alter the way business is done"
> and that the company is responding to changes in its business environment by "
> creating a sub unit eAcme (or which will spend $X billion in building an
> eBusiness" and proudly asserts that the company " gets it".

Two words: Carly Fiorina

Also to Ashby's law, "the survival of a system depends on its ability
to generate at least as much variety within its boundaries as exists in the form of
threatening disturbances from its environment", it's become trendy
for MBAs to cite it to justify wanton, unecessary, constrained, Dilbertian collaboration.

In simulated annealing, you need to shake up the landscape a little bit,
but that doesn't mean shooting yourself in the foot whenever you can't walk straight. 8-)

Greg Bolcer
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