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From: Dan Kohn (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 19:21:00 PST

You made a positive statement that the web is in danger of fragmenting, and
I don't disagree with this (although, remember "Imminent death of the net

Now, I'll make a normative statement: don't let the web fragment! The web
is the future of human communication, and is too important to go the way of
proprietary word processor formats. Similarly, you can see the Internet as
fragmenting, or you can see it as a unified whole, where certain parts are
better for gigabit connectivity and certain parts are better for mobile

See Rohit's papers that touch on avoiding wireless fragmentation at:

See the W3C's strategy to use XHTML modularization to support devices of
differing capabilities at:

                - dan

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There is something to be said for Joy's comments. I see parts of the web as becoming fragmented to serve specific customer niches. For example, consider how content must be reformatted for wireless devices to optimize readability. Thus creating a wireless web. Or how overlay networks such as Akamai allow content producers to "buy" quicker access for their customers. Thus achieving an effectively higher speed network for these customers. (Going to skip QoS example) And third, there appears to be a movement ala Apple to create a proprietary link between browsers and servers.

So in a sense Joy is right in there are multiple variants of the web that have different requirements both on the technical end and the human end. But Dan does have a point if you use the W3C definition it still is one web.

At 04:33 PM 1/13/00 -0800, Dan Kohn wrote: >One of the more clueless statements I've seen in a while. > >There is only one web, defined by Tim Berners-Lee as the "universe of >network-accessible information". <> > > - dan >-- >Daniel Kohn <> >tel:+1-425-519-7968 fax:+1-425-602-6223 > > > >-----Original Message----- >From: [] >Sent: Thursday, 2000-01-13 10:59 >Subject: Future Internet will have parallel web networks > > >For more information on this item please visit the CANARIE CA*net 3 Optical >Internet program web site at >------------------------------------------- > >SUN CO-FOUNDER SEES MANY WEBS >Sun Microsystems co-founder and chief scientist Bill Joy sees not one, but >multiple, intertwined Webs: "It has been clear to us since '95 that there >wasn't just one Web. Many people still think there is just one Web. There >isn't. There are six Webs, and they come from the modality in which the >information is used. They are all interconnected." The most familiar one is >the Web that is accessed from the PC, and is used for shopping, e-mail and >browsing. "The second is clearly more organized for entertainment," says >Joy, who cites TV-like interactive content as an example. The third is a Web >with information designed for handheld PCs; the fourth is a network that >uses voice recognition to navigate the Web. These four Webs all "leave the >human in the loop," says Joy, but the last two do not. They are: an >e-business Web where, for instance, one company's inventory system can >communicate with another company's inventory system without human >intervention; and a sixth Web that involves embedded systems or "sensors >that confederate and work together to do things." (TechWeb 11 Jan 2000) > > > > ********* > >Get a free 6-week trial subscription to Innovation Weekly, an executive >summary of trends, strategies and innovations in business and technology. >Send mail to with the word 'subscribe' in the >subject line. > >What customized news and information services do you need for your company? >Get in touch with us at or call 770-590-1017 to talk >over the possibilities. > > > > > > >------------------------------------- >To subscribe or unsubscribe to the CANARIE-NEWS list please send e-mail to: > > > >In the body of the e-mail: > >subscribe testnet >end > >------------------------------------- > > > > > > >Bill St. Arnaud >Senior Director Network Projects >CANARIE > >+1 613 785-0426

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