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From: Adam Rifkin -4K (
Date: Sat Jan 08 2000 - 20:36:50 PST

[Some more information I found about Net2Wireless on the Yahoo boards
written by a poster named hlegweak... jiminy crickets, they sure do talk
a good talk. Global WAP-compatible real-time streaming video, web
pages, and email, plus instant message services, via wireless, to an
array of handheld devices including cell phones? Forgive me for being
skeptical, but I'll believe it when I see it... but now I see why my
first post on this company is claiming that SCII deserves a multiple if Net2Wireless really does have the patents
they claim to have. -- A.]

The Technology

"I have put together some of the bits and pieces I referenced in my last
post. It represents MHO, and believe me it is humble after living with
this company for several years:) Net2Wireless has developed technology
to enable the real time broadcast of multimedia content via wireless to
an array of hand-held devices including cellular phones. This technology
will also significantly advance the delivery of internet applications,
including video, web pages and email, on a real time and global basis
without the difficulties and limitations of WAP based systems. All
technology is fully WAP (wireless application protocol) compatible.
However, the ITES technology is not reliant on the WAP prepared media."

"This technology will provide seamless internet-to-cell and
cell-to-internet messaging services allowing end users to remain online
when away from their traditional internet access sites.The technology
will dramatically expand the role of the wireless cellular device.
Consumers should be able to receive full color transmission of video,
TV, audio, web pages and email either in text or voice anytime, anywhere
in the world. ITES has built IM (instant messaging) Suite Servers which
will provide instant messaging technology allowing wireless subscribers
to receive and send messages regardless of the user's on-or off-line
position on the wireless network or the Internet. The IM Suite Server is
designed to work with a variety of platforms including GSM, CDMA, CDPD
and TDMA, seamlessly linking wireless users between each other and
between users on the Internet. The IM Suite Server also offers wireless
service providers a complete solution to enable their subscribers to
access Internet ICQ users and vice versa."

The Business Plan

"The strategy is to intoduce the product in Israel first, through a
subsidiary, and then move on to Europe, through the parent. Europe is
much more ahead of the U.S. in its use of wireless internet-to-cell.
The initial agreement with Orange is ideal in terms of quickly reaching
a broad audience. It would appear that the licensing agreement with
Orange is limited to Eurpope only. The agreement calls for installation
of the equipment and enabling technology for the Israeli subsidiary by
December 31, 1999. Thereafter, Orange will test the process in the first
quarter of 2000 with a full rollout plan for later in the year. As part
of the agreement, Orange was given an option to purchase up to 10% of
the outstanding stock for a period of one (1) year. The Orange group has
annual worldwide revenues of approximately $2 billion. This will be
ITES' first of a number of strategic partnerships. The licensing
agreements for the United States would represent enormous potential."

The Market

"The future of Internet access is very much wireless, despite the head
start cable modem and ADSL service providers have had in rolling out
services. While wireless is barely in the picture at this moment. There
were fewer than 100,000 wireless broadband subscribers in 1998; by 2004
that number will rise to over 4 million. Although the wireless sector
share is much smaller than the wireline share, it is due to the slower
rollout of wireless technologies. While wireline technologies may be
better suited for the home, wireless broadband access may be better
suited for business applications. As wireless providers come on board
and continue to build out in new areas, the outlook can only continue to
improve each year. The technology which would be offered by Net2Wireless
-- significantly enhancing acceptance, use and growth. Market research
firm Dataquest predicts that revenues for wireless data services will
grow from $460 million in 1999 to $3 billion in 2003."

The Competition

"- Cisco Systems and Motorola recently announced an alliance to develop
global, Internet-based wireless networks. The two companies plan to
invest $1 billion over the next four or five years to implement the

- 3Com recently acquired Smartcode Technologie, a French developer of
wireless data communications and Internet-access software. 3Com expects
to deliver wireless Web access in its upcoming 3Com Palm VII.

- Nextel Communications has joined with Motorola, Netscape, and Unwired
Planet to form the Nextel Online family of wireless Internet services.
Scheduled for launch in six cities later this year, a wireless Internet
portal called Nextel Online will include stock quotes, weather, business
headlines, and Nextel's Internet-based services.

- Microsoft is also jockeying for position in the wireless business,
through a new venture with British Telecom to develop a range of
Internet, intranet, and corporate data services for worldwide mobile
customers. And a joint venture between General Magic and Wireless
Knowledge (a new company partly owned by Microsoft and Qualcomm) will
bring secure wireless access to Microsoft Exchange and mobile devices
accessing the Internet.

- Sierra Wireless and its partners AT&T Wireless Services, Bell Atlantic
Mobile, GoAmerica, Hewlett-Packard, Pinacor, River Run Software Group,
and Sharp Electronics recently announced new hardware, software, and
service bundles that include the Sierra AirCard 300 -- a wireless modem
designed for Windows CE devices such as the HP Jornada and the Sharp
Mobilon Pro.

Note that the technology that Net2Wireless would be introducing should
have much greater functionality and should be much more robust in terms
of the range of applications, devices and protocols supported."


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