Computing Continuum Conference - March 15-17, 2000

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From: Rohit Khare (
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 13:43:59 PST

[Hmm... is this an Intel boondoggle, shallow as TED, or a real ACM
event? ... RK]

>Computing, not computers will characterize the next era of the
>computer age. The critical focus in the very near future will be on
>ubiquitous access to pervasive and largely invisible computing
>resources. A continuum of information processing devices ranging
>from microscopic embedded devices to giant server farms will be
>woven together with a communication fabric that integrates all of
>today's networks with networks of the future. Adaptive software will
>be self-organizing, self-configuring, robust and renewable. At every
>level and in every conceivable environment, computing will be fully
>integrated with our daily lives.

>Each of the invited participants to this conference can actively
>participate in defining this new era through the use of interactive
>meeting technology.


> > Intel, in association with ACM, is pleased to invite you to participate
>> in...the Computing Continuum Conference: defining the new era of
>> computing, communication and interaction in the digital world.
>> March 15, 16 and 17 - San Francisco, California.
>> Full conference information, including details on the program and
>> registration, is available at:
> >
>> The Computing Continuum Conference will explore the defining concepts of
>> the next era through a novel interactive forum that brings together
>> visionaries from diverse segments of the field. An outstanding group of
>> speakers from computer science, engineering, social sciences and industry
>> has been confirmed. They include David Tennenhouse, Andy Berlin, Kris
>> Pister, Greg Pottie, Raj Reddy, Pat Hanrahan, Guido Rossen, Peter Neumann,
>> Vern Paxton, Nadine Strossen and many others. The Conference will use
>> technology to facilitate the exchange of ideas and interaction of
>> participants with speakers and panelists in the manner of smaller
>> workshops. At the end of the conference, all presentations and sessions
>> will be available to review via the World Wide Web.
>> The Conference Program Committee will moderate six dynamic session blocks:
>> * Get Physical - Prof. Debra Estrin, USC, Moderator
>> * @ the Human Interface - Prof. Victor Zue, MIT, Moderator
>> * New Reaches of Human Intelligence - Chuck House, EVP Dialogic,
>> Moderator
>> * Renewable Computing - Prof. Dan Siewiorek, CMU, Moderator
>> * AEtherware - Prof. Gaetano Boriello, UW, Moderator
>> * Wild Wild Web - Prof. David Culler, UCB, Moderator
>> General web registration will be available January 15, 2000; however, you
>> are on a select list of invitees. You will be asked to complete the
>> registration form after January 15 but we would like to ensure space is
>> held for you. Please RSVP confirmation to;
>> for further information on the conference please contact
>> POSTER PAPERS and DEMOS: Those interested in presenting poster papers may
>> submit a 100 word abstract with their response. We will have room to
>> display a limited number of compelling demos during the conference
>> reception and invite organizations who wish to do so to submit a 100 word
>> description of the demo with their response. Abstracts for Demos or
>> Poster Papers should be submitted to
>> Justin Rattner George Bourianoff
> > Conference Chair Program Chair


* Andrew A. Berlin, Research Staff, Xerox Palo Alto Research
Center, keynote
* Prof. Gaetano Boriello, University of Washington, moderator
* Ronald Cole, University of Colorado, panel
* Prof. David Culler, University of California Berkeley, moderator
* Carmen Egido, Intel Corporation, panel
* Prof. Deborah Estrin, University of Southern California, moderator
* B. Franza, UW - 'Application of the Technology in a Bio Lab,' speaker
* Patrick Hanrahan, Stanford, speaker
* Chuck House, EVP, Dialogic, moderator
* Peter Neumann, SRI, speaker
* Eli Noam, Columbia University, panel
* Joe Paradiso, MIT Media Lab - Micro Level Energy, speaker
* Vern Paxton, ATT, speaker
* Prof. Kris Pister, UCB - 'MEMS,' speaker
* Prof. Greg Pottie, UCLA - 'Essential Role of Energy Resources
and Future,' speaker
* Raj Reddy, CMU, speaker
* Prof. Dan Siewiorek, Carnegie Mellon University, moderator
* Nadine Strossman, ACLU, speaker
* David Tennenhouse, Vice President and Director of Research,
Intel Corporation, keynote, panel
* Roy Thetford, CMU, speaker
* Guido van Rossum, CNRI, speaker
* Jim Waldo, Sun Microsystems, speaker
* Turner Whitted, Microsoft Research, panel
* Prof. Victor Zue, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, moderator


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