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From: Kris Ganjam (
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 09:19:10 PST

The editor in charge of Yahoo headline news undoubtedly has a large pocket
of shares to protect. Hardly a single story on the overvaluation of net
stocks - only "the economy is all hunky dory", "Yahoo voted top stock of the
year" and "its time to buy" nonsense. And what a better way to spread
rumors about Real Networks being dropped by Yahoo Broadcasting in favor of
Windows Media Player just when a bit of deal making leverage is needed.
Maybe I'm just paranoid.

And I love how when I look up research for eBay on Yahoo I am presented with
a banner ad for Yahoo Auction!

This is my favorite: Joyner-Kersee plugging stocks:

CBSMW: What are some of the stocks that you like?

Joyner-Kersee: Intel [s; INTC], Microsoft (MSFT: news, msgs), Lucent (LU:
news, msgs) -- I have a great group of technology stocks. I do have some
financial and retail stocks too. I was always a fan of The Gap (GPS: news,
msgs) and Nike (NKE: news, msgs). I also like pharmaceuticals,
Glaxo-Wellcome (GLX: news, msgs).

CBSMW: One final question for both of you -- if you had to give people one
piece of advice what would it be when it comes to money?

Cooper: When it comes to money I would say always sign every check that you
write! Never let anyone take complete control of your finances, no one can
take care of your money better than you can.

In other words, don't trust a broker, trust what stocks we hype on TV and
out portal sites.

But I made my money shorting Yahoo the past couple days, so all's well.


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