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Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 22:26:22 PST

I'm trying to imagine the night(s) of Qualcomm.

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>From The Psychic Investor, by Marcus Goodwin, published in December by
Adams Media Corporation

There is no greater moment of psychological importance to a human being
than the orgasm. Sex magick employs the power and hypersensitivity of
the orgasm for the purpose of directing energy towards a target. In this
case, our target is your stock pick. This will be the most powerful form
of magick you will use, and after the good folks at the New York Stock
Exchange realize how effective it is, they may elect to add a suite of
private rooms to the Exchange.

Sex magick is a team effort, so you'll need a partner. Pick a partner
who has a mutual interest in seeing the stock go up. The spell is
enhanced if both parties share the wealth.

Here are the four steps for making sex magick work for you:

1. This spell should be cast after dark and in the absence of all
artificial illumination other than one white candle. Carve a stock's
ticker symbol into the side of the candle. Sit quietly for a moment with
your partner, light the carved candle, and focus all of your attention on
the stock in question. Chant the ticker symbol aloud three times and
express your desires to the good spirits regarding the stock. Say aloud
three times, "I want [stock symbol] to go up." Allow your partner to join
in the chant.

2. Stand face-to-face and slowly remove your clothes. Take your time.
Gently stroke, kiss, and caress each other to bring on sexual arousal.
Allow the energy in the room to build. Allow your mind to drift from the
stock in question to each other, enjoying the *sex* of the moment. When
you are both fully aroused, sex should begin, face-to-face, with the man
seated in a comfortable position and the woman seated on top of him. Both
parties should refrain from orgasm as long as possible. The longer you
can hold off the orgasm, the more powerful the spell will be.

3. Now here's the tricky part. you must bring your attention back to
the stock. Repeat the stock symbol aloud three times and begin to rock
back and forth. Take your time and get a good visual picture of where
you would like to see this stock go. Continue to repeat the phrase, "I
want [symbol] to go up. I want [symbol] to go up." Allow the energy to
build. Meditate on the company. Reflect on all you have learned about
the company. Envision the stock price going up $1; now it is moving up
$5; now it is doubling, tripling, quadrupling. Continue to rock back and
forth as you both move closer to orgasm. See in your mind's eye the stock
price soaring. Witness the stock climbing higher, higher, and even
higher. When both of you can hold out no longer, orgasm and feel the
power being released.

4. Relax, and thank your partner for a job well done. Share your

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