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From: Cynthia Dale (
Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 14:27:27 PST

Uh, the Professional Edition (with the E-Commerce server) is the one
that's 149. The standard set (6.1) should be 29. However, I am not sure
that 8 megs of RAM could handle the new installer. -shrug- I don't guess
we can control what Microcenter does, but their prices are off. (:
Anyhow, good luck with Slackware. I <heart> Linux! (:

On Wed, 5 Jan 2000, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:

> So I am in Microcenter looking for a $5 CD of Linux for
> an 8Meg 386 that I need to use as a test machine. I grab
> the RedHat box, simple edition, not deluxe, version 6.1 and
> voila! $149!!! Totally disgusted, I downgrade about 5 editions to
> RedHat simple edition 6.0 which I know runs on a 386--the price
> tag (even on the discount rack, returned from some poor schmuck
> who couldn't get it running) was still $29!! I find a nice $10 version
> of Slackware signed by Patrick Volkerding. $3 for the CD, $5 for the signature,
> and $2 ensuring that whatever you build with it will be compatible with all the
> other Linux versions floating around out there,
> I'm happy as the box gurantees me that it'll run in 8 Meg RAM and under
> 25 MB disk space, and can be installed completely from a set of floppies
> (yes this machine has no CD).
> What's with all the Linux bloat?

Cynthia J. Dale
Technical Engineer/FAQ maintainer
Red Hat, Inc.


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