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From: Mark Baker (distobj@acm.org)
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 16:24:45 PST

Wow, talk about your well-targetted advertising! 8-)

[yes, it's spam]


>Date: Sun, 02 Jan 2000 23:46:19 -0600
>From: gjmhu@moneylenders.com
>To: xqmyb@emarketnet.net
>Reply-to: nord99@bigfoot.com
>Use the money to pay off all your high interest loans and
>your mortgage.
>Or use the money as investment capital.
>Or save the money in a savings account.
>It's up to you how you use the money!
>There is no credit check. You can qualify for these loans just
>by being an active networker.
>This is a brand new offer that was not available to anyone
>until very recently. And it's made for networkers!
>I am not a financier; I'm just someone who wants to see
>people who need it get this information. You can be removed
>from my list if you want, but read through this message first.
>All of the loans are at only 2% interest, per year. The interest is
>simple and not compound. You have 15 years to use all the
>money you can accumulate before you ever have to do
>anything to settle the loans.
>If you're interested, just reply with a blank e-mail. Write
>"loan info" in the Subject Line, and I will send you more
>information by Return E-Mail.
>HOW do you get these loans?
>There is a company that gives generous loans to networkers
>just for helping them promote their opportunity. The loans
>are available internationally. Any networker in the world can
>qualify for them.
>WHAT must you do to qualify?
>You do a little advertising for the company, just like I'm doing
>now. When you get about four people interested, you have
>done the basic work you must do to qualify for the loans.
>Active networkers should have no trouble completing this
>work within a few weeks.
>WHY should you do it?
>If you need a loan, or if you have heavy debts to pay and need
>some help, or if you're cash-poor and need some operating
>capital, you should get in touch with me.
>I am not kidding! This is an honest, easy borrowing opportunity.
>It is a unique, unusual opportunity, the like of which you have
>never seen before. If you have no credit, or if your credit rating
>is poor, that will not be a problem in getting these loans. You
>need only do a little reasonable work in exchange for the loans.
>There is no other qualification of any kind. Why shouldn't you
>be one of the many people who will qualify for these loans?
>HOW MUCH can you borrow?
>WOW! I'm not telling you right now, but believe me, the news
>is very good! You need to reply to me so that I know you are
>interested. You will get more information just by replying to this
>e-mail. Write "Loan Info in the Subject Line of your Reply E-mail.
>WHEN can you have your first loan?
>It is possible to have your loan within about a week after you
>qualify. And you can qualify within a few weeks, if you are
>interested enough and able to complete a fairly simple
>networking task for the company.
>Thank you for listening to my message. Contact me by
>Reply E-mail and you will get more information. I will also send
>you advance information on our new web page, and numbers
>you can call to get official literature and application forms.
>Sincerely yours,
>A fellow networker,
> \\|||//
> (@@)
> _ooO_(_)_Ooo__________________________________
> |______|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|
> |___|____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|____|
> |_____|_____!_____!
>Please pardon the intrusion....
>Under Bill s.1618 TITLE III passed by the 105th US
>Congress this letter Cannot be considered Spam as
>long as the sender includes contact information & a
>method of "removal". To be removed from future
>mailings just reply with REMOVE in the subject line.
>Thank you for your kind consideration.

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