more lame business plans

Rohit Khare (
Fri, 4 Jun 1999 00:13:40 -0700

needs DAV; not even as cute as; an invitation to be
busted for contraband content; $96/yr for 50MB??

What is Hotstore?
Hotstore is a provider of a free web based file store facility. You
can create what is know as a 'Box' from anywhere in the world using
your web browser, and store files (programs, documents, pictures
etc.) which can be accessible by anyone who knows the correct box
Hotstore allows you to exchange and distribute large blocks of
information in the form of files, to small and large groups of
Someone gave me a Hotstore Box number, what do I do with it?
If someone has given you a Hotstore Box number to retrieve a file
(program, document, picture etc..), you can type it in on our title
page (, or tag the number onto the end of our web
address to go directly to the Box ( It
costs nothing to use our service, however you must agree not to blame
us if anything you do download does something unexpected. Please
beware of running programs etc. from unknown sources.
Why should I use Hotstore?
Sending a file to a group of people can be difficult, especially if
you not sure that everyone in that group will appreciate a large
e-mail attachment. The easiest way to distribute a file is to put it
in a universally accessible place, and tell people where to get it.
This is where Hotstore comes in. Whether you have a shareware
program, software patch, some sound, pictures or any piece of
information you want to share, simple create a Box (takes about 10
seconds) and upload the file, then tell people where it is by tagging
the Box number at the end of our web address i.e.
For added protection, if the information you are distributing is
private, you can protect your Box with a password. This will ensure
the files you are presenting will only be available to people who
know the Box number AND password.
How come Hotstore is free?
The basic Hotstore service is free because it is supported by advertising.
What browsers are supported by Hotstore?
In theory, almost any browser will be able to download files from
Hotstore. To be able to create and edit a Box, you will need Netscape
Navigator 2.0 and later, or Microsoft Internet Explorer later than
3.02. Other browsers may also work - try them and see!
What if I have problems using Hotstore? will be able to answer all your technical
quires, and will be able to help you if you think
our service is being abused.

Hotstore Premium
The free Box size is 5 MB.
You can upgrade your Box to handle a massive 50 MB of information for
only $7.95 per month.
Click here for more information.