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Koen Holtman (
Wed, 2 Jun 1999 18:24:48 +0200 (MET DST)

FoRKed from sci.geo.geology, via alt.religion.kibology. This post is
quite interesting to look at as a piece of unintentional ASCII art. The
author post such things regularly, and seems to be quite serious about it.

Events like this prove once again that ASCII is not dead as a medium. The
equivalent XML version is left as an exercise for the reader.

Note in particular the last 5 lines.


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From: (Manley Hubbell)
Subject: Applause ?/?
Date: 22 May 1999 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Dis-
Newsgroups: sci.geo.geology
X-FTN-To: Sat #22 C/c

98-9-19(preposed) EarthQuake Cycles <group words> & definations
Round = 4 Jiggles (? 8 years)
Jiggle = 4 Seasons {? 2yr Cyl}
SEASON = 3 Applause ( 2 Lulls ) | 3 months|
Applause(month) = pair <14>'s / 29days /
fortnight <14> === pair 7's " Gravity Waves " < 14&3/4 >
week 7 = pair Claps "GW2ndHarm" 7days
day Clap = A day of "BIG" Quakes 24hrs
========ROUND=========================(? 8 years)
SFSF Spring Fall Spring Fall ( the STRONG ONE ) 2YR :"Orion":
SWSW Summer Winter Summer Winter 2YR
FSFS Fall Spring Fall Spring 2YR
WSWS Winter Summer Winter Summer 2YR
note this cycle does not = 8 exactly and so it gets out of SYNC
now would be one of the times when the pattern needs to be RESET
---------JIGGLE-----------------------{? 2yr Cyl}
(ei 4 seasons of Quakes in 2 year periods called a Jiggle O' Quakes)
and 4 Jiggles (2yr ea) would = ROUND of Quake Cycles (about 8years)
:::::::::SEASON:::::::::::::::::::::::| 3 months|
in a typically season there are 3 applause's(Clap Clap Clap)={90day}
how ever the simple CLAP CLAP CLAP soon becomes more complex
as the 14&3/4Day Gravity Wave comes into view
and that gives rise to a 7 day Earth Responce (GW second Harmonic)
so a theoritical Season's of "Applause"(s) more like the following:
7 7 7 7 7 7 Earths 2nd GW harmonic
c-c c-c c-c c-c c-c c-c
< 14 > < 14 > < 14 > 14&3/4day GW Primary
"Lull" "Lull"
|=Applause| |=Applause| |=Applause|.............: aka Season
typically there are two "LULLS" in a SEASON
Lulls occure about 2 days after the first Quarter Moon phase
&R considered the DOMINANT feature of an active Quake Season
in some seasons FOUR months string together (Claps=16 not 12)
ei a "three LULL / four Applause" SEASON on rare ocasions
Reality of course would be something else entirly and these
Conjuctures of Quake "Applauses", "Seasons", "Jiggles", & "Rounds".
are mostly theoritical and may not in fact be found in the Library.
however better than expected results will occure IF you keep score.
the "MAIN" feature of this file may be the "LULL" which may
more accuratly be called the "First Quarter Seismic lull"
which most probably can be seen on a chart two days after first 1/4
....Dated Material AutoDelete 7/2/04 JD2453189
_____ LINE 47 4:50 A.M. PSt
Anyway next Max Dec 7 `99 and though i'm overloaded &
therefor confused it does seam like 5/15 made some LINES ?
_____LINE 50/50 looking forward to 5/25 Vol