Re: Efficient Business Management Techniques: An Invitation to Jeer

Dave Long (
Tue, 01 Jun 1999 20:09:01 -0700

When I was an undergrad, we discussed sending a check for a trivial amount to
one's least favorite of the {Democratic,Republican} National Committee. The
idea was that not only might they expend an inordinate amount of labor on
processing the payment, but if one got on the records as an actual donor,
they'd expend even more in the future attempting to extract more funds.

I have learned two things since then:

1) One doesn't have to have donated: political parties will routinely attempt
to touch one's pocket if they have but a glimmer of hope of shared interests.
(no doubt to earn the postage and salaries with which to solicit yet more...)

2) Even if you've donated merely a small sum, it has to be recorded: the
reporting limits for donors might be hit by the accumulation of several small

I hope parties can decline donations, so as to avoid having to match up
records for "Geo. H. Qwerty, Underwater Basket Weaver: $5" with "G. Hbar
Qwerty, submarine basketry: $5", etc.