Re: AOL buys Nullsoft

rAuL (
Tue, 01 Jun 1999 21:24:17 -0400

I have been researching Application Servers and what was interesting was
that Sun is re-entering the market with newly revised products. My research
showed that they are using Kiva technology which Netscape purchased a year
ago. The paper trail also showed that this was the benefits got when they
pitched in some dollars to help AOL purchase Netscape.... thats what this means

At 04:50 PM 06/01/1999 -0700, Mark Kuharich wrote:
>AOL reinvents itself. Just off the top of my head, about the closest
>analogy I could come up with was when Intel decided to exit memory chips
>and start manufacturing microprocessors.
>We are all familiar with chiding AOL members with derision. Dismissing
>them as "newbies".
>Now, all of a sudden, a former soap salesman, who carpet bombed the
>world with sign up floppies and CD's, has bought Netscape (the first
>true Internet company), ICQ, WinAmp, ShoutCast, and Spinner?!
>Gurus, what does this all mean?
>Mark Kuharich


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