Efficient Business Management Techniques: An Invitation to Jeer at

sillyhead (cdale@home.isolnet.com)
Sat, 29 May 1999 21:00:09 -0500 (CDT)

Hi all!

It seems that about 3 months back, my rent, for some obscure (but
completely legal, I am positive) reason, was $738.10, instead of the
normal $738.00. So I owe the office a dime. What do they do? They send
me a letter, costing them 33 cents, that informs me of this debt. I
chuckle to myself, show a couple of friends, and forget about it. Next
month, same thing. A letter comes in the mail, telling me to cough up a
dime. Sixty-six cents total cost to extract this 10 cents from me,
obviously because the company needs it so badly, cash flow and all that.
Now, something tells me that this is an automated process, since my phone
number is in my file in the office and no -thinking- being would
consciously spend 33 cents to mail me TWICE, right? I'm just wondering
when this will fall into the hands of some person who will read the
history, frown, read it again, and unlike my reaction to the whole thing,
will end up tallying up the interest I owe on this dime.
Anyone else experience this phenomena? Could it be "hacked" somehow? If
everyone in the apartment complex, for some crazy reason, decided to pay a
dime less than the rent, that is, let's see, if there are 100 apts, that
would be 10 bucks, and the apt complex would spend 33 bucks every month to
try to collect this debt, nah, it wouldn't hurt em much, but it was a fun
idea. (: