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Er, this was an e-mail, and a VERY SMALL part of an e-mail. The part
FoRKsters is missing follows:

(ATT and AOL are C O M P E T I T O R S for the cable market. Baby Bells are
in more likely. Screwed up on the local loop? Please explain, beyond
anectodal complaints. Most complaints I've heard are about a perception of
AOL lagging behind ATT re cable, but ATT may have jumped the gun with its
recent cable acquisition, anticipating a market that won't take hold for
years. Interesting displacement of capital.) (Lots of good articles in Biz
Week over the last two weeks on ATT/AOL) (A belated howdy!)

Missing Part:

Me to Bolcer: Rumor is AOL will buy Qwest.

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<< At 11:22 PM 5/27/99 EDT, grlygrl201 wrote:
Me to Nort: >what does this mean?
Nort to Me: I'm not sure. It sounds like they registered a variety of
(stock, debentures, etc) which they do not plan to offer immediately, but
want to have "on the shelf" in case they wish to move quickly.
Registration probably takes several weeks. (I'm guessing).

Check Edgar.


Rad to Me:
>America Online <<A HREF="aol://4785:AOL">AOL.N</A>> files $5 bln shelf
>WASHINGTON, May 27 (Reuters) - America Online Inc. filed Thursday a shelf
>registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission for up to $5
>in debt securities, common and preferred stock, depositary shares and
>The world's No. 1 Internet service provider said more than $450 million of
>securities in the $5 billion registration were previously registered and
>being carried forward.
>Net proceeds will be used for working capital, capital expenditures,
>acquisitions and repayment of outstanding debt, the Dulles, Va.-based
>AOL's stock price closed down more than $4 to $115.75 on the New York Stock
>21:54 05-27-99
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>by AOL.


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<< Interesting. Any speculations on what AOL would gain from owning such a
huge fiber net? Seems to me they're still screwed on the local loop. I'd
imagine they'd be better off in bed with a big local phone co/big cable


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> wrote:
>> Rumor is AOL will buy Qwest.
>That's agood rumor. I love those commercials. If I wa >>