Re: Thoughts on Ad Hoc Networking Requirements

Mark Kuharich (
Fri, 28 May 1999 07:57:12 -0700

Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
"There are many examples of social networking in the real world that are
difficult to implement gracefully using the Internet networking,
routing, and naming. These are just some thoughts on Ad Hoc networking.
Ad hoc networks should mimic and mirror social networks.
o The Bueller effect
o Introductions & Name Game
o Lost in Space
o Ego-surfing
o Scales from camera-printer to Angels stadium
o Routing
o Naming
o Security"

[Have we figured out or do we have to technology to implement
interstellar and terrestrial routing. An example: We send an email to
astronauts working on the Moon base. Does IP routing work in this case?
Could we use the International space station as a hub? Please help me
out, I'm not a networking guru ...

Mark Kuharich

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