Steve Dossick (sdossick@cs.columbia.edu)
Thu, 27 May 1999 13:35:24 -0400

Hi folks,

As the (newest I think) member of FoRK, here's my obligatory Bio paragraph.
Please note that I was _forced_ onto FoRK: Rohit subscribed me at ICSE
last week, and I was not given a choice in the matter :)

I'm a (hopefully final-year) PhD student working with Gail Kaiser at
Columbia University (get me wasted some time to hear my various advisor
stories :). My thesis work involves building a metadata-backed 3D MUD for
managing/doing software engineering. Think Quake, but software artifacts
instead of deathmatch. We're not sure of the usefulness yet, but it's
amazingly trivial to get undergrad project students when the project
description involves Quake or Doom.

Before getting sucked into the neverending vortex that is Columbia, I
worked at Webster's Publishing (yes, the dictionary people) doing MFC
programming, and did a moderately successful startup which specializes in
database-backed intranet software for very large corps (Morgan Stanley and
other big wall street types).

Cheers folks,