Episode One---The Phantom Access

Tom Whore (tomwhore@inetarena.com)
Tue, 25 May 1999 00:33:16 -0700 (PDT)

A few days off of hype has me know in the "been there seen that yak yak
yak" section of the Starwars Venn diagram.

Thoughts and spoilers------

(this is called "doing the spoiler scroll shuffle"...

insert tom lehr piano riff here



Lucas took a hint from Babylon 5 and played up the politcal intrigue. Good

Jar Jar Binks...me so want make boom hurt on his..An ok character aimed at
keeping the kiddies tuned in while slipping the older fans some plot.

Darth Martin Muhl---the Character that wasnt....In a movie that was sparse
on characters the one that had the most promise in the mass of hype came
and went like a Alfred Hitchcock walk on.

Plot blunders (and this is where some folks will label me a Starwars head,
but im not , im just tuned in to plots...realy....(hides tin foil light
saber shyly)

The senator for Neeboo--or Sith Lords go to Washington.
Man are they ever telegraphing this one. I mean yea, we know the
outcome of all this Robert Graves twisting (as if we read God
before I) but you dont have to make it so god damn obvious.

The Skywalker family Name

You would think that Luke would have more of a rep with his Dad
having been such a hot shit pilot and Tantoine hero. And to be fair
the NPR radio drama of Episode 4 goes more into this and works it in
better, but the the movie version shows what was thought of when in
lucases mind. Not everything is fitting in nicely.

c3po and r2d2

ok so Lukes DAD makes c3p0 ...and when they wind up on tantoine in
Episode 4 they FORGET THIS FACT????? Same planet, same faimly
name?? What jedi Mind wipe are they going to use to cover this

The Princess shuffle

The master JEDi cant tell when the princes makes a decoy switch??

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