introducing: me

Karl Anderson (
24 May 1999 19:07:56 -0700

Hello, all. I'm the latest subscriber to this list for a *reason*: I
love my mailer, and hate web interfaces to mailing list archives.

I sort of stumbled into my current job doing content management for a
*ML server, which is fun, but I want to get more into object serving,
distributed stuff, XML-RPC and the like, so I'm sucking up as much
information as I can find about that world. I was led here by various
posts forwarded to

When I'm not a computer geek, I'm a bike geek. Riding a bike is the
most beautiful interface between human and machine that I've
encountered, so I've wasted lots of time making and trying them all -
fast racers, functional cargo haulers and tourers, and incredibly
stupid choppers, trikes, tallbikes, and battle wagons.

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