Re: Estamp

Philip A. DesAutels (
Fri, 21 May 1999 13:53:55 -0600

Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:

> I'm an estamp beta tester. Unforutnately, you have
> to register with paper. They only accept faxes oft their
> agreement. How stupid is this?

About as stupid as not being able to participate because I live in the
wrong ZIP Code. These are e-Stamps right?

>Unfortunately we can't approve your application at this time. The U.S.
Postal Service has
>not yet authorized us to conduct beta testing in your zip code. Click the
back button on
>your browser if you think you may have answered a question incorrectly.
>Please verify (and change as necessary) your information below, and we'll
notify you when
>we expand the Beta Program and/or when E-Stamp Internet Postage™ is
generally available.
>We'll keep all your information confidential.