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Now's the time of year when Canada comes into its own: when the
shimmering silver of Lord Stanley's Cup is outshone only by the gleam in
the eyes of its suitors.

132 Years of Confederation could not have produced the collective
national orgasm that is the Stanley Cup Playoffs on "Hockey Night in
Canada", and the principal pimp of our nation's urgings is one Donald
Cherry, former goon and later the revered head coach of the
almost-cup-winning Boston Bruins.

While his career in hockey was rocky (pun intended) he has flowered
since creating "Coach's Corner" which marks every broadcast between the
first and second period with his comedy, tragedy, heartfelt emotions,
and sincere beliefs.

For a generation of Canadians (yours truly included) we grew up heeding
his every word and taking his sage advice for gospel on subjects as
diverse as Swedes, staying out of the Trolley Tracks, fashion advice,
the Quebec separatist movement, fighting etiquette, and the proper use
of Tie-Downs.

To hear the pontiff at his pulpit, surf to:


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