Re: 5th Annual Muckenthaler Motor Car Show

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 17 May 1999 11:59:18 -0700

> And your phone isn't working to call me?
Sorry, last minute planning thing.

> Anyway, there are a number of Classics being produced currently.
> 1994 Mustang Cobra (30th anni, 1st year SN-95 body, hand built SVT)
> Any Viper GTS
> 1999 F-150 SVT Truck
> 1998-99 RAM Firebird
> Possibly the 1999 Mustang Cobra (35th anni 1st IRS Mustang)
> Chrysler Roadster thing (forget the name, and of course the stupid
> thing is they put a V6 in it. If it ever comes out with a V8 most
> definitely)

I learned a couple of thing. The new Cobras are awesome, but it
looked like they only put a 4.6 liter engine in them. What happened
to the extra .4 liters? Is it really that better engineered that
losing the extra body weight from the new engine helps with the
performance? Also, it wasn't clear if the Active performance something
was the same of the Vette active steering system, which to me, is an
amazing piece of technology. They put some sort of new suspension
in them from last year too. It sits at least another inch higher.

There was one ultramarket Camaro. They are going to stop production
of them. The body style plus convertible was very roudish-odd, but
the sparkling lime green color was a turn off. The had a couple
of Hurst/Olds too from '69 through '85. Odd looking, great sounding.

Some of the cars in the muscle category, which was everything left
over where okay. There were a couple of GTOs that were nice, but
my Buick Special 454 rocked all over them even though it's not even
in show condition.

Also, they had a lot of Panterra's this year. One of the only rear-engine
high performance sports cars. Some of them looked like souped up pintos and
Gremlins. An odd piece of American motor history.

They had a woody category that was very cool.

> One interesting thing about Chrysler. Then Iaccoa (SP) went to Congress
> to bail them out one of the provisions was Chrysler HAD TO DESTROY all
> of it's V8 molds. All the 426, 440, 360, 318, everything. That is why a
> few years later they bought AMC/Jeep to get the AMC 360 block to have a
> V8.
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