RE: GrossLab & Pointcast

John Yeager (
Wed, 12 May 1999 15:11:12 -0700

Who knows?

You know, much of our problem has been in bad management, more so than bad
Up until a year ago, we had the pres's unqualified brother running
Most everything bad that has happened has been a result of the Hassetts in
one way or another because when you are supporting a piece of client
software in the field where upgrading is optional, we have to live with bad
decisions made long ago for quite some time.

Perhaps they can turn it around. I'm not sure whether I'll be around to be
a part of it or not. Don't ask where I am - given a good job market up
here, I'll wait for a good opportunity before I make a decision.

I think at least the management team there can set a direction and keep us
headed towards that. That's definitely one thing that has been lacking


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> GrossLab agrees to buy Pointcast. He says they will
> surprise the industry in the next couple of months.
> I wonder if that's some famous last words.
> Greg