Re: [Geege] It takes one nanosecond to sell stock, btfw.

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 12 May 1999 08:17:25 -0700

I don't think quantum necessarily has to mean external.
You can have an internally consistent quantum theory
based completely on technical indicators. In fact
a true quantum theory would discount any external
occurences as noise. I won a nice big check from
the Santa Fe Insitute once for a competition they
put on for open markets.

One of the things that has happened is that the markets
absorb information much more quickly. News that a decade
or three ago that would cause a 2 week decline in the Dow
or Spoo are now absorbed in a matter of hours and
then discounted as old news before resuming whatever trend.

No wonder there are so many day traders.


> The slower the cycles and higher and lower the spikes.
> Quantum theory (mine and LeBaron's): So, something happens tomorrow that
> could not be predicted today. So what? A butterfly flaps its wings, and an
> ill wind blows you a $100 bill - so what?
> As chaos theory tells us, and the work of the Santa Fe institute
> demonstrates. complex adaptive systems are prone to sudden nonlinear events.
> They crash, for exmaple. Or they boom. Essentially it is a distontinuous,
> nonlinear, quantum event.
> But a crash need not be a crash - think of a swarm of bees. Suddenly they
> all disrupt themselves and move to another hive. So what?