Tues. - BANG Meeting in Cupertino 11 May at 7 PM

Wendy Mattson (wendy@posh.com)
Sun, 09 May 1999 20:55:57 -0700


BANG is holding its monthly meeting Tuesday night, during WWDC.
A WWDC badge is not required for admission to the meeting, which is free
and open to the public. We usually start at 7 PM, wrap up by 9 or 9:30
PM, and some of us go to dinner afterward as well.

We hope to see you there.

PS Feel free to contact me anytime at 415.487.6237 or weekdays at
MacWEEK Online at: 1.415.243.3670.

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Bay Area NeXT Group Meeting
Tuesday, May 11, 1998, 7:00 PM
Apple Campus Town Hall

With The Community Gathered For WWDC:
Andrew Stone of Stone Design, "Software For Mac OS X & Web Objects"


Stone Design Corporation, of Albuquerque, New Mexico was founded in 1984
develops a variety of productivity applications for Mac OS X, Web
and Yellow Box, OpenStep and NEXTSTEP. As early adopters, Stone
principals embraced the new object technology of the NeXT computer.
Stone was
the first independent software house to ship a shrinkwrap product for
NeXT with "TextArt(TM)" in October, 1989.

TextArt was a type manipulation program which put the power of Display
PostScript at your fingertips with knobs, dials and sliders, and by
TextArt had evolved into "Create(TM) ", a full blown drawing
Version 1 of Create shipped in October, 1990.

Stone Design developed a friendly multimedia database manager,
DataPhile(TM), which first shipped in April 1991. Create and DataPhile
quickly became very popular in the NeXT community.

In late 1995, Stone Design made the transition from NEXTSTEP to
the precursor to Mac OS X Server. One of the few developers which never
turned away from this technology, Stone Design ported Create to OpenStep
shipped Create on Windows 95 and Windows NT, OpenStep for MACH, and

Bringing it full circle back to Macintosh, Stone Design has shipped
latest incarnation, version 5, which runs on Mac OS X Server and
for Windows. As testimony to the cross-platform nature of the Yellow
Create was recompiled on the Power PC, and it ran perfectly. This
version can
produce web pages with the click of a button as well as produce high
graphics for traditional desktop publishing. Stone Design's latest web
GIFfun(tm), SliceAndDice(tm) and their shareware instant compression
Pack Up & Go(tm) have links below. Additionally, for Mac OS X and Yellow
developers, there is a total licensing solution. Check out the Licenser
Kit(tm). Hot off the cyberpresses, comes Web Colors(tm) - a handy tool
select non-dithering colors that look good on low resolution monitors
the majority of web users own.

With remarkable tenacity and the pocket wisdom, "make hay while the OS
strategy changes", Andrew Stone has hung in as a loyal Object Community
leader. His energy and enthusiasm, and especially his friendship to a
number of people in the various legacy communities has been an
While attending WWDC, or if you live in the greater Bay Area, be sure to
us for this landmark evening.


Presenter Bios:
Andrew Stone ("andrew@stone.com") is Stone Design's ("www.stone.com")
creative visionary. He has been a developer for the Macintosh community
the early days and was later struck by the beauty and sophistication of
Jobs' subsequent endeavor, the NeXT Computer and the NEXTSTEP operating
system. Completing the harrowingly long road and cosmic full circle
back to the Apple heartland, Andrew Stone compiled and ran the first
third-party application for Rhapsody and has continued to create
new productivity applications for Mac OS X. Fully expecting Andrew to
creating austounding new applications without pause, we look forward to
Stone Design product line when Mac OS XX ships!


NeXT Month's Meeting:
June 23, 1999, 7pm
Apple's JAVA After "Opening The Kimono" at WWDC

1999 BANG Meeting Schedule

Monthly meetings are scheduled for the the 4th Wednesday of each month
(November & December 1999 each moved up one week due to holidays).
check this page for the latest information on meeting topics and venues,
booking speakers for the evolving Advanced Macintosh OS Development
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confirmed for Apple's Town Hall
May 11, 1999, 7pm, (Special WWDC Meeting: This is a Tuesday)
May 26, 1999, 7pm
June 23, 1999, 7pm
July 28, 1999, 7pm
August 25, 1999, 7pm
September 22, 1999, 7pm

unconfirmed, but anticipated for Apple's Town Hall
October 27, 1999, 7pm
November 17, 1999, 7pm
December 15, 1999, 7pm

Apple has been extremely supportive by allowing our organization to use
Hall on all available dates. The cordial and helpful support in setup
technology readiness has been terrific. BANG and our audience owe a
thank you to Katherine Mench, Kelly Parker and Ron Schaefer for their
caliber and professional assistance.


Where to Get More Information

Email: info@bang.org
World Wide Web: http://www.bang.org/
Telephone: 1.415.487.6237

The Bay Area NeXT Group is a longstanding support forum now focused on
OS X, Mac OS X Server, WebObjects and OPENSTEP-Legacy technologies,
and unique individuals. Eight years after its founding, BANG remains a
membership organization with meetings open to an interested public, and
monthly on the Apple Campus in Cupertino. Topics for meetings vary;
tries to present timely information and speakers of pertinent interest
users, developers, and employees of computing and technology
Suggestions of meeting topics and ideas for speakers are welcome; please
them to info@bang.org.

If you have questions about our meetings or the organization, visit
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How to Get to the Apple Town Hall, Building 4

The Apple Computer Campus is located at the corner of De Anza and the
Freeway in Cupertino. The facility is a group of 6 large four-story
located on a road called Infinite Loop.

Driving North From San Jose on Highway 280

Take the Cupertino exit and turn left.
On De Anza, turn left at the first street light -- this is Mariani
Blvd. If
you keep left, Mariani becomes Infinite Loop.
Stay on Infinite Loop until you come to Building 4 (large numbers are
posted outside the buildings). Park in the lot outside.

Driving South From San Francisco / North Bay on 280

Driving south on 280 from the upper peninsula, take the De Anza exit
turn right.
On De Anza, turn left at the first street light -- this is Mariani
Blvd. If
you keep left, Mariani becomes Infinite Loop.
Stay on Infinite Loop until you come to Building 4 (large numbers are
posted outside the buildings). Park in the lot outside.

Driving South on Highway 101

Take 101 South. Cross over to Cupertino on 85; head south on 280. The
exit will be De Anza; turn right.
On De Anza, turn left at the first street light; this is Mariani Blvd.
you keep left, Mariani becomes Infinite Loop.
Stay on Infinite Loop until you come to Building 4 (large numbers are
posted outside the buildings). Park in the lot outside.

Finding Town Hall

Town Hall is a large auditorium with entrances in the lobby of Building
[Note: If the door is locked, please knock; someone will be there in a
to let you into the building.]

NOTE: Please check these pages for updates and announcements; dates and
program information for BANG meetings may be subject to change.

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