Re: [Geege] It takes one nanosecond to sell stock, btfw.

David Crook (
Sun, 09 May 1999 12:47:26 -0700

At 12:02 PM 5/9/99 -0700, Tim Byars wrote:
>It's as simple as that. Unless something big happens that causes a panic
>that market is going to continue to grow. I said it at 7K and I'll say it
>now. The only possible reason fore a reversal is if a Republican gets
>elected in 2K. They will within a year trash the economy into a recession
>to 1) blame the false economy on the Dems, 2) create job security for their
>re-election in 4 years.

And then they are going to use the ensuing panic to justify a FEMA
organized take over the the US in preperation for turning over the Earth to
their alien allies who will be using as all as breeding containers for
their germ-spawned offspring. It all true, I saw it on the X-files!


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