[WWW8] FoRKcon Toronto Wednesday

Rohit Khare (rohit@uci.edu)
Sat, 8 May 1999 18:08:44 -0700

Well, if the Cinco was our salute to our Southern brothers, then its
sequel shall certainly be the Twelfth-o de Mayo in the land of the
Snow Mexicans... Toronto!

Yes, contrary to popular and past belief, I am still going to be
embarrassed into participating at WWW8 merely because I'm on the
program... :-)

>[Wednesday May 12, 3:00PM-4:30PM]
>Panel - Web-based Everything: Are HTTP, DAV and XML Enough?
>* Moderator: Josh Cohen, Microsoft Corp
>* Panelists:
>- Mark Day, Lotus Corp.
>- Henrik Frystyk-Nielsen, MIT
>- Alex Hopmann, Microsoft Corp.
>- Rohit Khare, University of California, Irvine
>- Keith Moore, IETF
>- Chris Newman, Innosoft International, Inc.

So I'll see (some of) y'all on Tuesday evening at the WWW8 reception
("Taste of Toronto") -- and mark your schedules for the FoRKcon after
the panel at my suite at the Metropolitan Hotel:

FoRKcon Toronto @ WWW8
7:00 PM -- ???
Light refreshments; dinner to be arranged.
BYOP (Bring Your Own Poutine)
Metropolitan Hotel
108 Chestnut Street
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1R3
(800) 668-6600
(416) 977-5000

It's a fifteen minute walk, but there's complimentary car service,
too... after that, well, there's Mark Baker's home turf suggestion
for a Chinese BBQ, or perhaps Toronto's finest nouvelle-Cantonese
establishment, or if we find the right corporate sponsor, the chef's
table in the kitchen at Hemispheres --all right in the lobby:

And not to mention 10BaseT ports in the guest rooms upon request...

Rohit Khare
PS. It's unclear if my Sprint phone will work there, but if so, 626 806 7574...


Tuesday May 11th United 3020/Air Canada 790 8:00 AM ar 3:32 PM
Thursday May 13th United 3023/Air Canada 793 7:12 PM ar 9:20PM
3 day advance purchase by Sat midnight $1446.44 (full coach: $1800, ZC4RJ6)


The most demanding connoisseurs have discovered a new dining concept
that is catching on quickly... eat in a Master Chef's kitchen and
learn his secrets. And the only place in Toronto they can do this is
at Hemispheres Restaurant at the Metropolitan Hotel.

A dinner at Hemispheres Chef's Table is best described as the
ultimate experience in fine dining. This exquisite selection of
cuisine and fine wines is an experience unlike any restaurant meal.
After you are delivered to Hemispheres in the hotel's chauffeured
limousine, step beyond the remarkable ambiance of the restaurant into
the seclusion of award-winning Chef Neal Noble's private dining room,
where you will find for your private party a luxuriously designed
room directly connected to the kitchen. From the comfort of your
special table, you get a behind-the-scenes look at authentic food
preparation, giving you a revealing exposure to award winning recipes
and culinary delights.

Exquisite food is not all you get with "Chef's Table" dining. From
the exquisite silverware, china and show plates, laser-calibrated
Riedel wine glasses, to the exceptional personal attention of the
Maitre d'Hotel and the Food & Beverage Director Jeremy Roncoroni as
they serve up the eight-course adventure. Each delicious dish is
complimented by the perfect wine or beverage carefully selected by
Mr. Roncoroni, also the hotel's certified Resident Sommelier. The
combination of food and beverage must be experienced to be fully

Whether you enjoy chatting with Chef Noble as he prepares each course
using the finest of fresh market ingredients, or discussing the
perfect choice of wines with Sommelier Jeremy Roncoroni as you savour
each glass, the Chef Table is more than superior cuisine, more than
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of Dundas.

To reserve your private Hemispheres Chef's Table, please contact
Lydia von Paal at 1-416-977-5000.