Re: DAV online courier??

Steve Nordquist (
Thu, 06 May 1999 22:50:24 -0500 features a -building- which is pretty
(freatures 'watch it grow' images) and the Weizmann institute is noting the
passing of Gerhard Herzberg (95 years old)
and the vacant posts made in FLASHING Mozillatrope.
What's with theoretical math now, is there a fictional math splinter? (And
I don't see Adi Shamir's GetRealOMatic paper posted yet, or its conference
proceedings...must have something stuck in
my third eye.)

> I've been looking into reliable courier services on the net.
> Both UPS and Pitney Bowes licensed their "reliable courier service"
> from a company called "TumbleWeed Software" (

Do these companies mean anything? Are they just something you have to bribe
on the way to success, or do they serve a purpose?

> In a related development, the US Post Office is experimenting
> with their own service: "Post ECS".

Oh yea! Let's take on proxying!

> The issues aren't just scaling, there's accounting and
> confirmation ("did they pick up their message?").