join request

Damien Morton (
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 02:48:03 +1000


My name is Damien, Im a programmer and came accross your YML musings while
searching the web for ideas related to compression of markup languages (I
was thinking of embarking on a syntax/semantics aware compressor for

The FAQ sounded funny as hell and I thought Id ask to join.

This is a bad time for a fuller description of myself as Im feeling kindof
diffuse at the moment. Im a programmer ("multimedia" these days), I read
lots, Ive travelled heaps, Ive seen c-beams glittering in the dark. Im in
Sydney at the moment, awaiting a work visa for the US. I will be living in
New York when the bloody NY dept of labour finally gets its act together
(now theres a prime candidate for a firebombing!)