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Stephen Petschulat (
Tue, 04 May 1999 08:49:22 -0700

Demographics... at the start of the cigar boom in the early 90's (1992
or so??) the first baby boomers were hitting their early 40s while the
later ones were in their late 20s or early 30s. Lots of people with lots
of cash, many of whom felt they had finally 'made it'.

pass me a stogie...

- steve

Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> Hey Randy,
> I am not sure I can be much help, but I am a victim of my
> age group. I am now 31. Growing up in California, there
> were always beach parties, surfing trips, etc. Mexico was
> a 2-1/2 hour drive to the south for warm weather, warm water
> and very little parental supervision. Camping on the beach
> around a campfire was an amazingly fun activiy. Everybody
> knew cigarettes were bad for you, pot even worse, chewing tobacco
> tasted like crap, so that left smoking cigars at night under the
> speckled-white canvas of smog-free ocean breezes. The had a pleasant
> aroma burning or not and everyone in my age group grew up
> watching Saturday afternoon spaghetti westerns on KCET or KCOP with Clint
> Eastwood puffing away. You didn't have to be 18 or 21 to
> buy them, you didn't breathe them in but could still fashion
> all sorts of smoke shapes. You could get all sorts of cigars
> that weren't available in the states, so you felt like a rebel
> all around.
> The best cigar I ever smoked was hand rolled
> in San Andres Tuxtla, a plush tobacco growing region on
> the Atlantic side of Mexico on the same parallel as Havana.
> My friend and I brought back boxes upon boxes of the things.
> This was in 1991. I handed them out to everyone I knew
> to show them how good they were. I am convinced this is why
> cigar smoking became so popular. You can quote me. 8-)
> Greg
> > cauthron wrote:
> >
> > Hi my name is Randy and I live in Redlands CA. I'm tring to write a paper on when and why cigar smoking has become so
> > popular in the last five to ten years. Any info you can pass along would be great
> > i Forgot to give you my E-mail it is

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