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*KUCI TOP 30: 5-3-99*

1. Gameface- Every Last Time (Revelation)
2. The Crabs- Sand And Sea (K)
3. The Thievery Corporation- Abductions and Reconstructions (ESL)
4. Prolapse- Ghosts of Dead Aeroplanes (Jetset)
5. Lullaby for the Working Class- Ebb and Flow... 7" (Saddle Creek)
6. Sleater Kinney- Hot Rock (Kill Rock Stars)
7. The Ataris- Blue Skies (Kung Fu)
8. Steward- Goodbye to Everything You Love (Darla)
9. Ellis Island Sound- 10" (All City London)
10. Underworld- Beaucoup Fish (JBO/V2)
11. Corelius- Remixed (Matador)
12. Make-Up- I Want Some (K)
13. Gus Gus- This Is Normal (4AD)
14. Witchman vs. Jammin Unit- Inferno (Invisible/Caroline)
15. Herbalizer- Mercenary (Ninja Tune)
16. Roots Manuva- Brand New Second Hand (Ninja Tune)
17. The Go-Betweens- Lost Tapes (Jetset)
18. Built to Spill- Keep it Like a Secret (WB)
19. Mocket- Pro Forma (Kill Rock Stars)
20. Man or Astroman?- Eeviac (Touch and Go)
21. The Gentle Waves- The Green Fields of Foreverland (Jeepster)
22. Looper- Up a Tree (SubPop)
23. Mogwai- Come On Die Young (Matador)
24. Dressy Bessy- Pink Hearts... (Kindercore)
25. Hochenkeit- I Love You (Road Cone)
26. Twilight Circus Sound System- Horsie (M Records)
27. Halou- We Only Love You (Bedazzled)
28. Super Furry Animals- Radiator (Flydaddy)
29. Fantastic Plastic Machine- Luxury (Eperor Norton)
30. The Lonesome Organist- Cavalcade (Thrill Jockey)


Cul de Sac- Crashes to Light (Thirsty Ear)
Languis- Last Frequency Presents (Simball Sounds)
Joan of Arc- Live in Chicago (Jade Tree)
Monroe Mustang- Elephant Sound (Jagjaguwar)
Fugazi- Instrument Soundtrack (Dischord)

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