Salary Survey

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 09:17:18 -0700

Everybody deserves a raise. Also, a group of
smart hackers got together and decided they were
worth more than the sum of their parts. They are auctioning
themselves off to E-bay for $3.x Million.

1999 National IT Salary Survey:
Pay Up

IT salaries continue to climb, especially in the hot areas-ERP, data
mining, the Internet--as companies clamor for IT skills

By Jennifer Mateyaschuk

he Internet keeps expanding as a business
platform. Electronic-commerce Web sites
enjoy their greatest popularity, and almost every
company is looking to exploit the Internet for all
it's worth.
ISP team puts itself on the
online auction block

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- For sale on the auction block:
16 cybergeeks who work together well and know how to
assemble an Internet server. Asking price: $3.14 million.

In a novel listing posted on eBay, a team of managers and
engineers for an Internet service provider has gone straight
to the online auction house that usually sells Beanie Babies
and autographed baseballs.