Re: DAV online courier??

Dave Long (
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 14:25:08 -0700

> I was pretty stunned when I read this, since you could create your own
> "courier service" using a standard DAV server running over SSL (I'm pretty
> sure Apache with mod_dav can do this today) which is integrated with an
> email notification service. While presumably the difficulty is in making
> the whole thing scale up to tens of thousands of users, arguably their Web
> site isn't doing a great job if it took me so long to download their info
> page.

One might even leave the "courier service" out of it, and mail your document
to the intended recipient. I suppose that $1.00/document[1] (under 1.44M) is
a low enough ignorance tax that people will flock[1.5] to the familiar
business model[2].

Maybe we should let people know that they ought to bring in their word
processors and spreadsheets for a "bit exchange" every month or 3,000
keystrokes. Send us your executable and $30, and we'll send you back an
executable with brand new bits. Site licenses available for a mere two
month's[3] salary of the most highly compensated employee.


[1] how much would the FoRK fund contain if we became UPS associates?

[1.5] "two browsers good, no browsers bad, baaaa...."?

[2] UPS is a traditional, privately held and well unionized company. They
once bought a software company to do route optimization; not knowing whether
engineers were fish or fowl, UPS eventually decided that they must be
"management" instead of "labor" and therefore ought to wear suits.

[3] have the Canadians had any effect on De Beers' Central Selling