Re: AOL nonPC Java-powered Internet appliances

Mark Baker (
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 22:36:21 -0400

At 07:35 AM 4/27/99 -0700, Mark Kuharich wrote:
>Old bits, but do we have a FoRKer from Alcatel who can enlighten us?

I doubt John's gonna say anything, even if he knew. But you also have a
FoRKer who's in charge of developing the top of Sun's software stack that
will be proposed for said device. We're making the pitch to <insert device
manufacturer name here> next week.

... which reminds me, I'll be staying at the Marriott Courtyard Cupertino
all of next week (Sun-Fri, except when I'm at UCI on Tuesday), if anybody
wants to get together.

>Alcatel's phone, like several other Web gadgets, does not run on
>Microsoft Windows operating system but on Java software from Sun

Yup. Nice phone. Surprisingly so, given that it's running a bytecode
interpreted language on a really wimpy processor.