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[Last updated on: Sat Feb 3 14:11:32 EST 1996] TBTF -- Tasty Bits from the Technology Front -- alerts you weekly to bell- wethers in computer and communications technology, with special attention to commerce on the Internet. In particular, TBTF brings you timely news on:

- The Web, its uses and customs, its folklore in the making. Innovative sites and techniques that overcome the barriers to rich online commerce. Trends and clever ideas in using the Web effectively for marketing, selling, and distribution. Essential tools for website development.

- Issues of privacy, regulation, and control on the Internet, including censorship, anonymity, encryption, free speech, and the cyberporn debate.

- Updates on the growth of Internet commercial infrastructure: transaction brokers, trusted escrow sites, and online services for web sites and webmasters.

- Emerging standards and contenders in secure transactions and electronic cash.

- And occasional bits ranging farther afield.

Your host -- Keith Dawson