News Release: Former W3C Executive Launches ZOT Group

Sally Khudairi (
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 08:00:29 -0400


Strategic Web consultancy successfully integrates standards,
partnerships and interactive marketing -- 27 April 1999 -- Recognized industry leader
and former World Wide Web Consortium [W3C] executive Sally
Khudairi today announced the launch of ZOT Group, a consultancy which
provides business strategies that integrate Web technology standards,
collaborative partnerships and interactive marketing. ZOT Group
leverages emerging technologies with an aggressive, multifaceted
approach to business and marketing that steer positioning, strategic
planning, and product delivery.

Khudairi, the Founder and CEO of ZOT Group, launched some of the
industry's most prominent technical specifications -- including XML,
HTML 3.2, HTML 4.0, PICS, HTTP/1.1 and Cascading Style Sheets -- and has
been instrumental in establishing partnerships among the key players
defining the future of the Web. Prior to founding ZOT Group, Khudairi
was Solutions Architect at Cambridge Technology Partners, where she led
the proposal and strategies for business, marketing, brand, knowledge
and technology engagements.

"When Sally Khudairi joined the World Wide Web Consortium, it was strong
on technology but with little idea of messaging or how the standards
effort would fit into the streams of communication -- formal and
informal -- which bind the industry," said Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director
and inventor of the World Wide Web. "Sally then created W3C's brand.
Working closely with the W3C team and the members, she wove us into that
web of people in the industry and the media."

"With the explosion of new technologies in this rapidly-evolving
industry, standards are absolutely essential to ensure interoperability.
The standards development process is highly complex and fragmented,
involving dozens of organizations world-wide. ZOT Group was formed to
streamline the 'divining' process -- by identifying key technologies
developing within these organizations and navigating through the hype
associated with so many new initiatives," explained Khudairi.

Through integrating business goals, technology and vision with their
unique insight on emerging industry standards, trends and changing
landscape, ZOT Group builds a solid foundation upon which strategic
planning, communications strategies and tactics deliver innovative,
high-impact results.

"Sally Khudairi is the most connected person in the Internet business I
have ever had the pleasure of working with," said Ora Lassila, Co-Author
of the Resource Description Framework [RDF] specification and W3C
Advisory Board member. "She was instrumental in establishing W3C's
presence in the industry and was extremely effective in launching
several of W3C's major new standards."

ZOT Group clients range from recognized industry leaders to innovative
start-ups, and include both developers and implementors of cutting-edge

Dr. Gregory Alan Bolcer, CEO and Founder of Endeavors Technology, Inc.
stated, "Sally is an extremely rare Web talent. She is one of the few
individuals with a deep understanding of the complete business,
marketing, and technical aspects of the the Internet and World Wide Web.
She has the ability to assess and reshape a company's information
initiatives in order to carve out a strategic direction that puts them
on the cutting edge -- and keeps them there. Sally has been invaluable
in helping ETI crystallize our corporate strategy for putting us at the
front of the pack."

"It is very rare to get top quality guidance and insight on emerging
technologies, or help with a marketing strategy that is aligned to the
company's strengths, or world class connections across the breadth of
the online community," added Robert Ainsbury, CTO Aeneid Corporation.
"It is almost impossible to get these three services from one company,
but that's precisely what ZOT Group delivers."

ZOT Group is the consulting arm of ZOT Inc., and is the first in a
series of unique business concepts being launched in the Internet
marketing space under Ms. Khudairi's leadership.

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