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Sun, 25 Apr 1999 19:57:12 EDT

Re Hot Air Balloons: This ranks right up there with the female Viagra and
the Mountain Dew health hazard rumors your helped to propagate. Is it that
time of year again or are you trying to see how fast this one circles the
globe, Dr. Gregory Alan Bolcer Todd?

Finger to the wind,

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<< I went down to Hi-Times Brewing Supplies the other day down on
Newport Blvd and 22nd street. I usually like brewing beer or champagne
cider, but they had free samples of various home vintage wines.

Some of the cabs and merlots were okay, but the Peach was really
good and unique tasting. I asked the guy if the recipe was available
for purchase. The salesguy told me that I could buy the recipe for 'two

Thinking that he meant $2.50 I put it on my amex, collected up my brewing
supplies and
headed out. I was shocked to find that the price wasn't $2.50, but $250!
returning to the store to ask for a refund, I found an open lot with
a 'Coming Soon: Jack in the Box!" sign. I called the previous number
for the owner and he said since I've already received the recipe, I am
not entitled to a refund. I told him that if I can't receive a refund
that I will make sure that everyone gets this recipe! Please forward
this to everyone you know dozens of times.


I have two different types of wine yeast. I can't figure out
which one to use, the Redstar flor sherry or the Lalvin EC-1118.



1-3 qt Peach Wine Base or mashed fresh peaches in light sugar syrup
18 qts warm water
11 lbs white granulated sugar
10 tsp Acid Blend
3 level teaspoons yeast energizer/catalyst
2-1/2 level tsp. Pectic Enzyme powder
1 teaspoon grape tannin
5 crushed campden tablets
1 pkt wine yeast


Boil contents except wine yeast
Stir well to disolve sugar
Let sit, cool to 70-75F and place in 5 gallon glass carboy
sprinkle wine yeast on top of contents, stir top half gently once a day (do
not stir bottom)
In 4-5 days, rack wine into another 5 gallon glass carboy
After wine clears, re-rack, again in 2-3 months
When wine is clear and stable, bottle and store appropriately
Sample bottles in 3 month increments until drinkable.