RE: Phase III: new hub, new Ultra5, new scanner, new cd burner

Tim Byars (
Sun, 25 Apr 1999 13:47:57 -0700

At 1:08 PM -0700 4/25/99, Rohit Khare did the job with this:

> That focused suspicion on the residential network. After a few weeks of back-
> and-forth, I found out that the *entire complex* is on a *single segment*.
> No wonder performance browns out during the days...
> Tim, however, was superstitiously maintaining that he'd never dealt
> with these silly 'uplink port' hubs (it had two "port 5"s, one with
> crossover wiring marked uplink). He said I gotta get a hub with an
> "uplqink switch"...
> So, I went out with Tim yesterday and bought a second $25 hub, but
> with an uplink "switch" rather than a dedicated uplink port. G*ddamn
> if it didn't work off the bat!

Look at your keyboard. Notice the placement of the L and I keys in
relation to the Q. Rohit is still upset that I'm right.



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