Re: CEO of Iridium quits

Dave Long (
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 20:47:18 -0700

> Anyway, this implies that their satellite network will be up for grabs soon.
> For sale, technically brilliant satellite and billing network with no proven
> economic model which could recoup its cost. Inquiries: Iridium
> Redevelopment Corp.,...

Rotary Rocket Company <> hopes to provide a cheap,
fast-turnaround launch vehicle ($2200/kg, sub-week lead time). They'd be
bummed if it turned out that developing space wasn't economically viable, even
at those prices.

They do mention that Barclays <>, besides handling
Rotary, also arranged over $1.7B for Iridium...


I hadn't realized that "new field" could be meant literally, until I saw the
following in sci.agriculture: <[ST_rn=qs]/getdoc.xp?AN=4
>I was always told that the first two into a new field went bust and the
>third to enter the field bought their kit at a bankruptcy sale and because
>he had his cost structure right, made a success of it.

More parallels between A&M and software:

>As a slight aside here Brenda and I go to the dairy event every other year.
>I reckon that every dairy event has some product that will change
>agriculture as we know it. As a rule of thumb one in five of these is still
>around ten years later and is part of the scene. One in ten of them actually
>makes a real difference. Examples are AI and ratchet calving aids.