Re: erased, over, out

David Crook (
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 17:05:16 -0700

At 04:12 PM 4/23/99 -0700, Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:
>Please take me off this list ASAP.

Oh Christ, not this phase of the mail list AGAIN. I hate the mass resign
phase. You know you're going to come back anyways. But if you are going to
go Joe, at least use the proper form this time.


Fill out form and email to Rohit / CC'd to FoRK.

Email Address:


Please remove me from FoRK for the following reason(s):

[ ] You don't post much on here any more.
[ ] Same for Ron
[ ] Is Adam still alive? Really?
[ ] Boy that Tim sure is an asshole.
[ ] Same for Rob.
[ ] Could go for Joe too.
[ ] And Tom
[ ] Tired of posting my stuff to non-archive so that Lloyd can't read it
[ ] To many lamers from AOL
[ ] To many lamers from France
[ ] To many lamers from Microsoft
[ ] To many posts with "nekkid url's"(TM)
[ ] Bits/noise ratio to high for my taste
[ ] Bits/noise ration to low for my taste
[ ] What bits?
[ ] To much anti-Microsoft propaganda
[ ] To much pro-Microsoft propaganda
[ ] This list is going through stage X of the mailing list life cycle and
it sucks


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